just playing around with creating presets tonight – inspired by a conversation with a fellow photographer this afternoon…here’s a shot from a few weekends ago. more to come! xo Advertisements

Hello Again!

So after an extremely busy spring and summer, I’m back at this blog thing, hopefully better than ever – with a new look and some exciting posts coming up! So take a look around – and let me know what you think of the new layout! Also, stay tuned for some big posts in the … Continue reading

Montreal: Noir et Blanc

What did you do for Easter Weekend? I spent it in Montreal looking for inspiration with the lovely Devin Henderson of Above and Beyond Event Services and Jade Salazaar! Here are a few of my favourite shots – but be sure to check out the Montreal: Noir et Blanc album in my portfolio for the rest!

laura|elizabeth|foto: a photo-stream of consciousness

New link! Check out the Stream of Consciousness link in the menu bar above to keep current with my latest whim, totally one-off, random photos, thoughts and quotes…