Happily ever after? The Project: Priceless Finale

For those of you who have been keeping up with the blog, following me on Facebook, or paying attention to the local wedding scene, you have probably heard talk of Project:Priceless. A little blog post here – a Facebook status update there – twitter anyone?  These two crazy kids have been all over the social media scene. For those of you who are feeling a little in the dark, let me recap: this project started out as an idea – a social media experiment in human kindness. The goal? To get two people married this August (yes, it has come and gone – more below!) as free of charge as possible – Jordan and Brian were looking to borrow, trade and accept donations of elements (stuff, services, etc.) for their wedding. This was a real test in the power of community, of social media, and of word of mouth. So was it a success? Read on to find out!

I got involved with the Project in the early spring when, after being directed to my website by their lovely and talented wedding planner Amy Karlin of Splendid Events, the couple contacted me to see if I would be willing to contribute the photography of the details of their wedding day. Jordan and Brian had already accepted an offer by local Ottawa photographer Adam Pap to do their official wedding photos, but given the rate at which the project was expanding, were looking for someone who could focus on the details, and on the things and services that were being donated.

The last few months have been a whirlwind. What initially started out as coverage of the details, turned into a much bigger project – including taking photos of a number of their lead-up events, like their wedding shower, and of their wedding tattoos  (in progress!) on two separate occasions.

So fast-forward to today. The wedding day has come and gone. And let me say, what a day it was! In the end I ended up working closely with two other photographers, Adam Pap and Aiden Wolf, to cover this day from every angle. A huge thanks goes out to Leanne Mclean too, who put up with me all day and tagged along to give me a hand (I guess that makes it three other photographers!). I had a ton of fun, and it was great to work with and along side a number of local vendors, including Splendid Events, Little Cakes Cupcakes, Geek Sweets, Flights of Fancy, The Candy Store, Wedding Chaplain, The Flower Factory, DAVID’sTEA and many many others! May I personally thank you for your yummy treats and eye candy, and for providing so many lovely things for me to photograph!

So let me end by saying Congratulations Jordan and Brian! Here’s to years of love, happiness and adventure!

So was Project: Priceless a success? I’ll let you be the judge! Enjoy the photos!

5 Responses to “Happily ever after? The Project: Priceless Finale”
  1. A Fan says:

    These two were really fortunate to acquire your services for free: the photos are incredible! Photography is an art and you are a brilliant artist (photographer). I look forward to seeing your portfolio grow as you post more from this summer’s events.
    A Fan

  2. Joan says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Laura….WOW!!!


  3. Sad Sadie says:

    Amazing photos, you are obviously very talented. This is a tough subject (awful colour scheme, cue circus theme now), and I don’t think these two really appreciated all the great people they had working for them. I hope you get a ton of business coming your way!

  4. Ruth says:

    Laura, it’s so good to see your work again! Wow — what a journey in one short year. You should be very proud of these additions to your portfolio.


  5. Thanks to all for the feedback on the photos! LOVE to hear from you all! @Sad Sadie – I definitely can’t speak on behalf of Jordan and Brian – If you haven’t been, you can check out http://www.projectpriceless.blogpot.com to read their views on the project, their vendors, and the experience!


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